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Share knowledge. Build trust.



We work with clients who want to improve the way we live, work and look after our environment.

Communication is about sharing knowledge and building trust for a wider good. It should inspire, enable and be there from the start in every project or collaboration. It should never be spin.

Words that really communicate

What you write and how you write it make all the difference. Do it with ambition. Show your commitment. Say what you mean.

Define your value proposition

What is the difference you are trying to make? All true communication starts with this question, whether its a single publication or a whole campaign. Step back for a moment to challenge assumptions.

Realise opportunities

Communication is our best technique for reducing uncertainty. By sharing knowledge and building trust, we can reduce risks and realise opportunities–even in the midst of great change.


Lynette Smith, founder and managing director at gramma communications

More than 15 years of experience writing, producing and delivering communications for businesses, government and not-for-profit organisations.

Deep experience of working with experts in water, climate science, engineering, energy, economics, information technology, professional services and public policy.

Hands-on experience in marketing, stakeholder engagement and change management.

Writing skills backed by a degree in linguistics.

Hard yards on IT projects and producing websites to get insight into the user experience.


Lyn is an outstanding communication professional with consummate writing and editing skills and wonderful interpersonal skills in her engagement with clients and stakeholders. She has a sound scientific and environmental background, which ensures that her work is accurate and sensitive. I recommend her highly.

Paul Holper

Director, Scientell

Lyn wrote the content to go in our media kits for the launch of one of our most important projects in China, The Puyu hotel in Wuhan. Outstanding work. She really understood our firm’s practice and appreciated how important this project was for us.

Johannes Hartfuss

Principal Architect, Layan Design Group

I’ve felt I could breathe easy knowing we’ve had Lynette’s support. She understands our objectives, pain points and stakeholders and works effectively with our subject matter experts. Her copy reinforces our brand, is always on time and on brief, and frequently exceeds expectations.

Maia Keerie

Manager, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Linfox



Other businesses and organisations I have written and produced communications for

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